Dear Google Trusted Stores

Dear Google Trusted Stores,

We love you!  We just wish people knew WHY.

Before we go too far, please know we are the official badge testing partner to McAfee, Symantec, Stella Service and AllClearID, have at least 5 trust factor tests going on at anytime, and watch at least 10 user tests a week involving trust on websites.  In short, we have learned a lot about trust in eCommerce and may be able to help.

You have the BEST seal ever!!! Here’s Why.

You verify SO MANY important things for Online Shoppers, like…

  1. How Reliable the eCommerce Store is.
  2. How good their service is.
  3. Whether or not they get to customers ON TIME.
  4. The time it takes to ship an items.
  5. How often issues occurs with an order.
  6. How fast order issues are resolved.


That about covers it

This is almost every meaningful assurance an online customer looks for (outside of whether or not the site is safe and secure).  You nailed it!

We see you are testing.

Now, as far as we can see, the only thing stopping the Google Trusted Store seal from being the “be all, end all” trust seal for converting traffic into customers is:

  1. No one knows what the Google Trusted Store seal is.
  2. No one can tell what information (and value) the Seal offers prospective buyers unless they accidentally mouse over it)
  3. No one can tell anything about the badge other than it is there (which can be hard to miss, especially when it is covering important page content).

So, it makes sense why you are testing the variations you are.

The Control

Original Google Trust Store Seal

Variation 1

Google Trust Store Seal Badge Variation 1

Variation 2

Google Trusted Store Badge Seal Variation 2

Variation 3

Google Trusted Store Badge Seal Variation 3

Variation 4

Google Trusted Store Badge Seal Variation 4

Variation 5

Google Trusted Store Badge Seal Variation 5

You clearly want to get people to know there is actually information behind the seal.  You are thinking “Once they know, then the’ll love me!”  We think you’re right!

May we suggest?

We have a few suggestions for testing the seal.  These come from experience and from the hindsight one gets from testing, make complete sense to us:

Make it Clear.

Tell people what “Google Trust Store” is.  It is customers rating a store.  So, how about putting the words “How Customers Rate Us” on the seal.  This way, the seal has context.  We did something similar with optimizing the Stella Service Seal and the AllClear ID Badge and it worked wonders.

Expose the value on the outside.

Since so much good stuff is in there….

Site Visitors want to know how reliable an eCommerce site is.  They want proof of it, and of course, they don’t want to work hard to find that proof.  So, give people what they want” (its rule #2 of Conversion Optimization after “Don’t make the site worse”).  This does mean calling out one score more than others (i.e. % of Issue Free Orders) or perhaps  coming up with an overall rating like Stella Service does with its ratings of “Excellent” or “Elite” or the BBB does with its A+ Rating.

Try new positions (let us move it).

You have to admit, sometimes the Google Trusted Store seal gets in the way and sites may not want it there, especially when their “Proceed to Checkout” button is partially covered with it.

There are also times when bringing it to a site’s visitor’s attention could really help out with getting the sale.  Lets face it, if you are on the edge, need some assurance about a purchase you are considering, then see the store is really highly rated, it is going to help.  However, if the user has already developed blindness the the trust element (Google Trusted Stores in this case) AND has to take action to see the rating, well, the seal is not going to be as influential in assisting with the sale.

BUT… If you let us work a bit with it, and place the seal where we want like we do with the Norton Badge, AND perhaps even (dare I dream as a conversion analyst) provide us with the ability to highlight the area of excellent the site has achieved such as Reliable Shipping when a user need more assurance around that than around customer service.

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.  We could MVT the hell out of that.

How about testing this one out?

I know this is rough (I did it between getting the kids to bed and a catch-up episode of Breaking Bad), but I think with the right designer, it might have potential.



Keep up the great work.  This is the best thing to happen to eCommerce since PayPal (I might write them later)!


Keith (someone who makes a living off results).

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2 Comments on “Dear Google Trusted Stores

    Yes Trust-Verified.

    While we have never tested your seals to see if they have a positive or negative lift on eCommerce website conversion rates, we have completed many…many…many tests with Norton Seal, McAfee, Stella Service and AllClearID and can tell you that the majority of the time they “move the needle” quite well.

    If you would like to learn about our seal testing program (all the companies mentioned above are participants and benefit from case studies etc) than let us know. I have to mention that if your seal does not do well, we can’t really help unless we optimize that like with did with Stella Service.

    Do you have any information about the use of Trust Seals with online stores that aren’t using google products?